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Pimpin' the kitchen!

What is a home without the perfect equipment in your lovely kitchen?
Here are a few of my favourite things in the kitchen and things I would like to buy some day..

Retro plastic flower containers from the 50´s

I barely use this apron, but I just love the grandma-patterns!

Lovely trivet

Gorgeous flower patterns on the trivets, don't know which one to chose!

Thermos mug with cool dots is another favourite

Unique and quirky shopping bag from Stockholm Design House

Here are a few helpful things quite useful in the kitchen!

Instead of chopping your herbs use this scissor

It has four blades and makes the chopping-moment so much easier!

Banana-chopper for the lazy ones :)


House-trained animals gone Retro

I love vintage and design toy animals and animal decor so I checked out what I had at home,
and I also found some cute things in town. 
Here are some of the things I would love to have ...

This awesome retro design clock is certainly on my wish list!

Toy dog that reminds me of my childhood. Perfect to give as a gift.

I absolutely love this one! The house should be on the wall in your hallway and the bird is a keychain. 
That way you'll always find your keys .. a fun solution for a minor problem!

Here are some of my own old retro animal stuff laying around the house.

Dogs were made by the popular Swedish designer Lisa Larson.

This worn-out toy monkey is a treasured possession, was given to me by my dad.

And finally ...  

.. the cat. 4 years old and not that retro really,.. but maybe in about a decade :)


Lovely Pin-Up girls

Everybody's talking about the movie My week with Marilyn and Marilyn is once again the centre of attention.
I do admire the depth of her character ..
but Marilyn will forever be the ultimate pin-up girl of the 50´s!

Here´s some really cool things with pin-up girls I couldn't help but notice! 

A comfy cushion

How 'Bout a German pin-up calendar?

or a Marilyn tray ..

...and an ashtray!


Vintage bling on my mind

I recently started a new project!
I adore vintage-looking jewellery, so I though of starting an online business selling some of the jewellery I hand-picked myself.
I'm thinking of importing mainly from China and keep the prices low as possible and provide free shipping.
I couldn't help myself so I already made some orders, here are some of my goodies..

I love these cool Retro lips! Made as rings, earrings and necklaces

Looks like Marilyn Monroe lips

Classic Cleopatra pendant

Large turquoise drop

Classic vintage-looking charm necklace

For more information and prices email me at


Bits and pieces of creativity

I love porcelain and I have seen cool home-made porcelain jewellery made by bloggers.
I got the idea to try to make my own, it seemed easy.
So I went to the hardware store and bought a drill, tile nippers, tile drills and a few more things.
To my surprise it was quite cheap, I paid about $80 for it all.
And then I started on my project.

Occupying my kitchen table

Beautiful porcelain about to get destroyed!

Work in progress

The first ones ready


Mugs and cups for the morning coffee

My current obsession; beautiful cups and mugs.
And I'm always on the hunt for new ones!
To find expensive designer cups at flea markets for bargain-prices is great fun!

This mug is called 'Old Höganäs', designed in the 1950s.

Cool mugs from Design House Stockholm

Here are some beautiful, quite expensive cups designed by Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) one of Sweden's most popular designers.

Röd Aster (1972-74)

Adam 1959-74

The well known 'Berså'

Here's some mugs from Designtorget

Black and white butterflies in the corner of the mug

and some colourful ones..

Lovely, lovely flowers ..


My childhood hero

Pippi Longstocking is truly my childhood hero!
A girl that is cocky, strong and smart is quite hard to find in children's books especially the ones from the 1970s.
A huge thanks to the writer Astrid Lindgren for showing that girls can be heroes too!

Pippi is Retro! 
She will hopefully and probably never go out of style.
Just about every toy-store I've visited has Pippi things and that proves she's still going strong!

Kids Pippi bedding set

Pippi suitcase to store all those gold coins!
Cool Pippi mugs for grown-ups from Rörstrand


Flower pots for the ambitious!

Plants and flowers can really make a room feel like home and add a warm feeling of comfort. 
I love plants, but unfortunately I can't manage to take care of them! They always seem to die without me knowing what whent wrong!
But I still keep on buying plants and keep trying from time to time.

To have a plant you obviously have to have a flower pot, here's a few nice ones I've found ..

Can´t help loving these country/shabby chic inspired flower pots!

Cool industrial looking pots

How about investing in a one modern and designed flower pot? 

This one is from Designtorget

I think this herb pot is really cool! I´d love to have one in the kitchen. 
There´s nothing that compares with the taste of fresh-picked herbs!